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The Novomet hydraulic setting tool is run with a completion packer and uses hydraulic force to actuate the packer slip system to secure the packer in the casing wall. This is accomplished by combining several service tools together, giving you flexibility and reducing the number of setting tools you need on hand. The hydraulic setting tool includes a hydro-set adapter kit, a setting sleeve, and a hydraulic setting module. These three components work together to set the mechanical packer by pushing the slip and element into the set position when the hydraulic piston is actuated. You can use a ball or a flow-actuated circulating sub to engage the hydraulic setting tool.

Packer Retrieveing Tool

The packer retrieving tool uses straight pull force to release the slips so the packer and tail pipe can be pulled out of the well. Packers are typically left-hand threaded, enabling the retrieving tool to latch onto the packer with left-hand rotation, and to disengage from the packer with right-hand rotation.  


Flexible packer setting

Drop a ball or use a circulating sub to set the packer
Reliable packer removal

Retrieve packers with straight pull force


  • Flow control
  • Completions that require packers


  • Setting can be accomplished by dropping a ball or using a circulating sub
  • Packer retrieval is easy with straight pull force


  • Setting tool
    • Ball seat for actuation
    • Hydro-set adapter kit
    • Setting sleeve
    • Hydraulic setting module

  • Retrieving tool
    • Left-hand rotation for packer engagement
    • Straight pull force enables removal
    • Right-hand rotation for packer release 
hydraulic setting tool

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