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Novomet products and services

Most oilfield services companies are caught in a trap. They typically start as a specialty company that is really good at delivering or executing one or two products or services. Then they start to take on more and more. Before long there are 10 product lines, and then 20. And the same engineering staff is pulled in multiple directions to try and keep up with technological demands. As the size of these oilfield service behemoths continues to expand, so does their inability to focus on customers and on solving customer problems.

Pumps and production

When you get down to it, Novomet is hyper-focused on delivering pumps and production. Specifically, we offer artificial lift, completions, surface pumping, and geothermal pumping products and services. And they all have one thing in common—using superior technology to achieve superior results for customers. The result is a portfolio of technologies that helps drive down the cost per barrel of oil produced.

Our scope is narrow and intense. When you are ready to deal with an oilfield services company focused on how to best complete and manage a well for optimal production, contact us.