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Sand control and solids control for ESPs

Novomet offers a wide range of standard and innovative sand-control and solids-control solutions for protecting electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems.
One of the most common causes of premature failure in ESP systems is erosion or clogging from sand and solids in the reservoir fluid. While most completion companies offer sand-control tools, Novomet is focused on selecting the optimal sand screen or filter to provide maximum long-term protection for our ESP systems. We consider how the well was drilled and completed, downhole conditions, and production goals in selecting a solids management solution to extend system reliability and runlife.

Available options for managing sand and solids

  • ESP sand trap
    Designed for production startup in hydraulically fractured wells, this modular component is added to the ESP string and uses centrifugal force to push sand and solids outward into collection pockets to keep them from entering the pump. Flow rates range from 785–1,570 bbl/d (125–250 m3/d).

  • Slotted ESP intake
    Our slotted ESP intake can be used with any submersible oil pump to block proppant from entering the system. The self-cleaning surface resists clogging and filters particles between 100–300 microns. Flow rates range from 315–3,140 bbl/d (50–500 m3/d).

  • ESP slotted screen
    The slotted screen is a wrap-on-pipe filtration system that keeps proppant out while adding the strength of a pre-perforated base pipe. It is primarily used in highly deviated and horizontal wells to filter proppant between 100–300 microns and can handle flow ranging from 125–25,000 bbl/d (20–4000 m3/d).

  • ESP slotted gravity screen
    Our slotted gravity screens are designed to combat both smaller sand particles and larger proppant particles. The slotted gravity screen combines the filtering capability of slotted screens to keep proppant out and the centrifugal separation method used in our ESP sand separator to remove sand from reservoir fluid before it enters the pump. This filtering technology is designed to stop particles from 100–200 microns and can handle flow ranging from 630–4,400 bbl/d (100–700 m3/d).

  • ESP downhole disk filter
    Our downhole disk filter uses thousands of mesh disks compressed together to form a superior filter media. The mesh discs are slotted onto interior perforated production tubing and enclosed by pre-perforated tubing on the exterior. The result is a filtering system that is three times shorter than a slotted screen that provides all the filtration capability with greater flow rates. This technology filters particles from 100–300 microns and supports flow rates from 190–3,750 bbl/d (30–600 m3/d)

Novomet sand and solids control benefits:

  • Filter out sand and proppant to reduce erosion and extend ESP runlife
  • Choose from a range of solids management solutions that are installed in a single run along with the ESP
  • Get sand-control systems designed specifically for ESPs, as opposed to simple sand-control tools built by completions companies


Novomet solids and sand-control systems are built specifically to optimize production and extend ESP runlife. We offer a wide range of options that can be run in any well where an ESP is a reasonable artificial lift solution, and where proppant, sand, or solids are present. Our screens and separators can be used in vertical, horizontal, onshore, and offshore wells.


Refer to individual sand-control technology pages for available sizes.

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