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Novomet surface pumps use technology developed for downhole electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems to deliver reliable, low-maintenance pumps that help customers control costs.

For too long, the oil and gas industry has depended on overly complex pumps that require heavy maintenance, are prone to leaks, and that take too long to repair or replace. AP-610 systems are expensive and require excessive lead times for delivery. Positive displacement pumps may save some money up front, but they are prone to leaks and can drive up operating expenses with extensive repair costs.

To combat the problems caused by old industry-standard pumps, there is a move toward using ESP technology to efficiently and safely move fluid on the surface. Commonly called horizontal pumping systems (HPS), or horizontal surface pumping systems, this adapted technology enables customers to reduce pump breakdowns and maintenance costs in upstream, midstream, and industrial applications. While multiple companies offer surface pumps, Novomet HPS have the added benefit of being able to handle high volumes of gas—up to 97% free gas volume.

Also included in this category are submersible water injection systems (inverted ESP) and water-gas injection systems (combine an HPS and a jet pump).

Novomet surface pump benefits

  • Control upfront costs and reduce maintenance spend
  • Avoid downtime with a modular system that is easy to repair
  • Reduce environmental impact with fewer leaks and emissions
  • Effectively pump fluids with up to 97% gas


Novomet surface pumps can be used across a wide range of upstream, midstream, and industrial applications including:
  • Injection wells
  • Jet pumping (water-gas injection)
  • Surface fluid transfer
  • Pipeline boosting
  • High-pressure pumping
  • Salt cavern leaching
  • Mine dewatering
  • Geothermal stations

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