Take control of your surface pump costs, stop failures, and avoid gas cycling
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Horizontal Pumping Systems

Novomet horizontal pumping systems (HPS) use electrical submersible pumping (ESP) technology in surface applications to help customers control costs, stop failures, and avoid gas cycling. Because of their advantages over older pump technologies, surface pumps are quickly becoming the standard for common applications like fluid transfer and water injection. Unfortunately, some surface pump manufacturers are putting out unreliable systems that fail prematurely or that burn out due to gas presence in the fluid. Too many horizontal pumping systems wind up beaten and broken. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Novomet HPS

Horizontal pumping systems from Novomet are built on superior pump designs originally engineered for efficiency in ESP production. When used in a skid-mounted horizontal configuration, our pumps not only deliver efficiency, they also offer low-maintenance reliability with the ability to handle gassy fluids. We install centrifugal and multiphase pumps, and offer fully mobile systems with the HPS skid and variable speed drive mounted on a trailer.


Reduce maintenance spend

Get 5 years or more of runlife and enjoy 3 years of worry-free operation with routine servicing
Keep pumping, even with 97% gas

Multiphase pump stages and a special ejector keep fluids moving with up to 97% gas
Replace competitor components as they fail

Retrofit any surface pumping system with reliable Novomet components to reduce cost


  • Fluid transfer
  • Pipeline boosting
  • Injection wells
  • Jet pumping (water-gas injection)
  • Salt cavern leaching
  • Mine dewatering
  • Geothermal stations


  • Flowrates from 95 – 100,000 BPD
    (15 – 16,000 m3/d)
  • High-temperature operation up to 480°F (250°C)


  • Rugged construction eliminates the need for maintenance in the first 3 years (assumes monthly servicing)
  • Skid-mounted, modular design enables you to replace only the components you need
  • Flexible design enables you to replace failed parts in a competitor’s surface pump with Novomet components
  • Exceptional gas handling capabilities reduce downtime and increase runlife
HPS horizontal pumping systems in a permanent enclosure


HPS pumps in close quarters, part of a surface pump operation

Capacity of one system

up to 16000 m3/day (@50Hz)

up to 100,000 bbl/d (@60Hz)

Intake pressure

up to 35 MPa

up to 5,000 psi

Discharge pressure

up to 70 MPa

up to 10,000 psi

Motor power

up to 2200 KW (@50Hz)

3000 hp (@60Hz)

Novomet HPS advantages

  • Perform no major maintenance for 3 years (assumes routine monthly servicing)
  • Replace and upgrade only the parts you need with skid-mounted, modular assembly (on our HPS or a competitor’s)
  • Efficiently handle gas-to-fluid ratios as high as 97%
  • Start pumping in as few as 2 weeks with short order fulfillment times (varies by system and location)
  • Deploy almost anywhere with weather-resistant outdoor materials and construction
  • Add an enclosure for protection in extreme temperatures and environments
  • Choose trailer-mounted systems for easy deployment and mobility
  • Use the interactive interface to manually control equipment and operating parameters
  • Set it and forget it with automated operation, or control the system from anywhere with remote access and control (pump frequency, control valve, etc.)
  • Keep pumping in fluids with a wide viscosity range (1 – 450 cp), suction pressure as low as 1.5 psi (0.1 bar), flowrates from 95 – 100,000 BPD (15 – 16,000 m3/d), and temperatures up to 480°F (250°C)




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