ESP Motors by Type

Novomet offers two types of downhole motors to power electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems. We have two types of ESP motors—industry standard induction motors (also called asynchronous and AC motors) and industry leading permanent magnet motors.

Industry standard induction motor technology

Our standard induction ESP motors have a track record of performance and reliability going back more than two decades. We offer all standard sizes with RPM ratings comparable to other submersible induction motors. These asynchronous motors convert electricity into rotational energy to drive a downhole pump.

Highly efficient ESP permanent magnet motors

For over a decade, Novomet has been perfecting our permanent magnet motors (PMM). They use powerful rare earth magnets to reduce the power needed to create rotational energy. The result is a motor that improves efficiency and saves electricity in a smaller, lighter package.

Exploration versus production

Drilling, exploration, and completions companies are focused on finding newer, faster ways to drill holes in the earth. They have spent billions of dollars on exploration and related technologies, learning to frac and prop open formations in extended-reach shale wells, and collecting data in such abundance that they can’t make sense of most of it. While they were focused on those things, Novomet was figuring out how to get more oil out of the ground using less energy.

Cut ESP power consumption

We can’t speak for other artificial lift companies, but we believe it is our responsibility—our mission—to reduce the energy needed to produce hydrocarbons. We were among the first to develop and use permanent magnet motors to reduce energy use in ESPs. Combined with our energy-efficient pump stages, our systems deliver an average 20–30% reduction in electricity use compared to the next most efficient ESP equipment. Our systems are smaller and lighter, so they are easier to transport and install. And they run cooler, which has the added benefits of greater reliability and longer runlife.

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