SlimLine ESP systems use a permanent magnet motor and high-efficiency pump stages to produce wells with casing sizes as small as 4 and 4.5 in. (102 and 114 mm). Available in 2.72-in. (69-mm) and 3.19-in. (81-mm) sizes, our SlimLine systems are ideal for use in wells with high dogleg severity and when accessing sidetrack laterals. Built on proven PowerSave ESP system technology, these slim ESPs reduce power consumption by 25–30% compared to the most efficient ESPs driven by induction motors.  


Glide through deviations in 4 and 4.5-in. casing

Industry-leading OD and ESP length make running in hole easy
Easily access sidetracks, produce inside the curve

Advanced ESP design enables operation in curves up to 4° per 33 ft (10 m)
Improve efficiency and runlife

Superior pump and motor design reduce heat, vibration, and power consumption


  • Conventional and unconventional wells
  • Highly deviated wellbores
  • Reduced casing sizes from workovers
  • Sidetracks (recovering abandoned wells)
  • Ideal for 4 and 4.5-in. casing
  • Multizone production in larger casing sizes
  • Simultaneous injection and production through a single wellbore


  • Flowrates from 121 to 2,415 bbl/d (20-320 m3/d)
  • Fluid head up to 11,400 ft (3500 m)
  • Operation in curves up to 4° per 33 ft (10 m)


  • Slim OD enables the ESP to pass through deviations where competitors get stuck
  • Slim OD also enables the ESP to be fished if needed
  • Powder metallurgy manufacturing enables superior pump design and gas handling in SlimLine sizes
  • High-efficiency pumps and PMMs combine to reduce power consumption by 25% or more while increasing reliability and runtime compared to industry-standard pumps with induction motors
Field Engineer inspecting Slim Line ESP on wellsite

Don’t get stuck with other so-called slimline ESPs

Even so-called slimline ESPs most commonly available on the market (400 and 338 series) are still too large to navigate easily through many wells. So the operator either settles for leaving the ESP too high in the wellbore (resulting in greater lifting costs, lower production rates, and reduced overall recovery), or tries a series of risky maneuvers to push the ESP deeper, nearer the perforations and production zone. If the ESP becomes stuck in the wellbore, fishing is typically not an option because there is not enough space between the outside diameter (OD) of the ESP and the inside diameter (ID) of the casing to latch on to it. In some cases, there is no option but to abandon the well.

The slimmest of the slim

Novomet offers SlimLine ESPs in 272 and 319 series configurations. Including the cable, these ESP systems have a final OD of 3.23 in. (82 mm) and 3.74 in. (95 mm) respectively, making them ideal for use in 4-in. and 4.5-in. casing.

Our slimline ESPs are powered by a 3.19-in. permanent magnet motor, saving on power and reducing overall lifting costs.

These systems are among the slimmest on the market, helping them glide through the doglegs common in hastily drilled wellbores. Their narrow profiles also enable them to pass through sidetracks to revive production in nonproducing wells. They can also be run in larger casing sizes for multizone production and for injecting and producing through the same wellbore.



SlimLine ESP running through sidetrack

Size (RU)




Efficiency rate


2.72 in.

151-755 bbl/d (@60Hz)

11,483 ft


69 mm

20-100 m3/d (@50Hz)

3500 m


3.19 in.

189-2,415 bbl/d (@60Hz)

11,483 ft


81 mm

25-320 m3/d (@50Hz)

3500 m


SlimLine ESP benefits

  • Glide through doglegs and sidetracks to avoid getting stuck in hole
  • Deploy the system deeper in the well, nearer the perforations and payzone
  • Operate the ESP in curves up to 4° per 33 ft (4° per 10 m)
  • Produce (or simultaneously inject and produce) from multiple zones in a single well
  • Increase production in 4-in. and 4½-in. casing
  • Improve efficiency and reliability with the world’s only slimline permanent magnet motor
  • Simplify installation and improve ESP placement with shorter, lighter equipment
  • Reduce overall system heat to improve motor life, reduce scaling, and improve reliability
  • Reduce total cost of ownership compared to conventional ESPs


More about the technology

The SlimLine ESP uses pump-stage designs that deliver up to a 20% increase in efficiency, and permanent magnet motors shown to increase efficiency 15% compared to asynchronous induction motors. The result is a tough, reliable ESP that reduces power consumption by at least 25%. With installs nearing 1,000 around the world, our SlimLine systems have an average runlife of 490 days.

Auxiliary options available in 3.19-in. sizes are multiphase pumps, advanced gas handlers, scale preventers, gas separators, and slotted screen filters.








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