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ESP protector

The electrical submersible pump (ESP) protector, also called the ESP seal section or the ESP protector seal, provides five main functions:
  • Protects the motor from the well fluid
  • Provides pressure equalization between the motor and the wellbore
  • Carries the thrust load of the pump
  • Compensates motor oil volume during ESP system operation
  • Transfers torque from the motor to the intake (or gas separator/handler) and the pump
If selected and applied properly, the ESP protector helps extend system runlife. We use a modular design to give customers the flexibility to add or take away components without having to unnecessarily replace parts.
A protector consists of a head, base, shaft, seal chamber (either labyrinth or bag type) and a seal body. With the repositioning of a few valves and plugs, our modular design enables the protector to be assembled in dozens of configurations.

In addition to standard modular ESP protectors, we offer tandem protectors to increase runlife in challenging conditions and in high-flow pumps.

Novomet protector benefits

  • Helps operators reduce inventory and cost with modular design and reusable parts
  • Delivers greater pump thrust capacity with a high-load thrust bearing
  • Helps extend ESP runlife in challenging conditions (sand, high thrust loads, high temperatures, and CR0, CR2, CR3, and UCR fluids)


Our modular protectors perform in almost any well type (vertical, horizontal, directional) as a vital part of the ESP system. They provide a seal to prevent contamination of the ESP motor oil and carry the thrust load of the pump.


Protectors are available in corresponding common ESP system sizes.

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