NOVOMET » Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment


The fact is that we cannot be successful as a company if we do not take care of our people and protect the environment. Our top priorities are to ensure safe working conditions, promote the health of our staff, and continue our focus on decreasing the electricity required to produce hydrocarbons. We are also open to green energy solutions that reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions.


To lead oilfield services companies in lifting the fluids that power the world.


We help customers harvest the hydrocarbons that other oilfield services leave behind by supplying innovative products, technologies, and services produced using lean manufacturing principles.
We reduce the electricity required to produce hydrocarbons by supplying highly efficient oil production technologies that help reduce carbon emissions.
We strive to discover and develop green energy solutions and technologies because we believe in finding even more responsible methods for producing the energy the world demands.

QHSE Leadership

The executive management team is committed to delivering quality products and services to our customers while protecting our people and safeguarding the environment in the process. Novomet leadership is dedicated to reducing the power (and cost) needed to produce a barrel of oil in a responsible manner.
We have built a QHSE team with representatives in our major locations across the globe. This team is dedicated to implementing, monitoring, managing key QHSE performance factors.

QHSE Keys to Performance

To support our commitment to protecting people and the environment, we have implemented an industrial and occupational safety, health, and environmental management system. Among other things, this system helps us manage fire and electrical safety risks, prevent accidents and near misses, and execute emergency response plans if required. The system meets or exceeds safety requirements and guidelines in our operational locations around the world and empowers employees and contractors to protect themselves, others, and the environment.
We have also built an integrated management system (IMS) that combines quality, health, safety, and environmental standards in a single platform. The IMS helps us monitor, analyze, and predict compliance with international standards and is critical in our quest to continuously improve performance across the organization. It is a valuable tool that helps us achieve greater consistency, predictability, and reliability across company divisions and locations.