Our vision is simple. We lift the fluids that power the world.

Our mission follows suit. We are committed to reducing the energy required to produce a barrel of oil, to using innovation to produce the oil others leave behind, and to support green energy alternatives like geothermal projects.

The following core values support our vision and mission. They guide our behavior, inform our decisions, and define who we are as a company. Novomet is committed to:

  • Safety and the environment
  • Personal and professional development
  • Innovation and excellence

Safety and the Environment

We are committed to providing safe working conditions for our personnel around the world and to protecting the environment from direct and indirect harm when it is in our power. Employees are provided a workplace and facilities that meet the requirements and standards of labor protection. They are trained to identify unsafe conditions and are empowered to stop work anytime they are in doubt as to their own safety or the safety of others. We monitor our environmental impact across manufacturing, transportation, and operations. We are minimizing negative effects on the environment through reducing the energy needed to produce hydrocarbons and by supporting clean energy solutions through technology and innovation.

While it is a priority for us to solve customer problems, the only way we can do so responsibly is to remain committed to protecting our people and the environment while doing so.

Personal and Professional Development

The key to success in any business is people. We believe in working together across the organization toward common goals. Each contributor functions as both a consumer and supplier in an unbreakable accountability chain that transforms plans and ideas into outcomes and real-world results.

Training, professional, and language development are offered to build the skills and careers of our employees because we understand that employee growth fuels company growth and performance. Beyond auditing working conditions and actively encouraging employee feedback, we are committed to improving workplace equipment, adopting worker-friendly technologies, and encouraging employees to grow through professional and personal development.

We believe in workplace equality because it promotes the healthy and active sharing of information and ideas. Constructive interaction between all employees, regardless of status, is the cornerstone of workplace equality. Our basic principles of interaction are:

  • All interaction should be constructive, sincere, and based in general goodwill.
  • All interaction and the contribution of every employee should align with achieving common goals. We recognize that cooperation between departments and employees helps us achieve our goals, while unbridled competition can prevent us from achieving them.

Innovation and Excellence

We believe it is no longer sufficient to produce reliable equipment for extracting hydrocarbons from increasingly complex operating conditions. Rather, it is our purpose, and our great advantage, to deliver production technologies that are more energy efficient and that enable operators to extract more hydrocarbons from existing wells. We are also committed to using our technology and innovation to drive clean energy projects like geothermal wells and to support other green energy solutions. Backing up this dedication to innovation are local service centers dedicated to providing service excellence all over the world.

Since the beginning, the focus at Novomet has been to lead the oil-production industry with technological innovations designed to thrive in difficult conditions. The path of innovation is never strewn with roses and the oil industry is skeptical about change. But even the harshest skeptic cannot argue with results.