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GEYSER GEOTHERMAL Submersible Pumping Systems

Geyser geothermal submersible pumping systems deliver high-temperature reservoir fluid to the surface reliably and at a fraction of the power consumption required for competing geothermal submersible pumps (GSPs).


Most submersible pumps fail as result of the high reservoir temperatures and flow rates required to produce geothermal fluid to the surface. Equipment that can withstand the harsh environment uses a significant amount of the electricity generated to power the downhole pump.


Novomet modified existing electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system technology—proven reliable and efficient for years in oil production—to perform in the high-temperature, high-scale, high-flow environment found in geothermal wells.

Novomet engineers started with permanent magnet motors because they are proven to be reliable and to reduce power consumption. They modified these rugged downhole motor designs with heat-resistant components and added high-temperature synthetic motor oil. They also included multiple hydro-protectors, two independent thrust bearings, and a dual-tandem configuration to further increase reliability. The result is a highly reliable, highly efficient, high-flow GSP system that operates reliably in geothermal wells with temperatures up to 200°C (392°F).


Outperform the competition

Our geothermal-specific design can withstand temperatures up to 200°C and pump 10,000 m3 per day while using 25% less power than competing GSPs
Reduce power consumption

Our permanent magnet motors help reduce power consumption, increase runlife, and improve efficiency
Reduce drag and boost flow

Highly efficient pump stages reduce drag and friction, improve flow, and further reduce power requirements


  • Geothermal wells
  • High-temperature fluid production


  • Tolerates temperatures up to 200°C (392°F)
  • Pumps up to 10,000 m3/d (416 m3/h, 116 l/s, 1834 gpm)
  • Requires 25-28% less power than competing systems


  • PMM and high-efficiency pump stages combine to deliver significant power savings, enabling geothermal producers to reduce power consumption and increase electricity production per pump
  • Heat-resistant components, multiple protectors, and independent thrust bearings improve reliability and runlife
Geothermal pump operation in the hills

Background and application

Most power plants rely on steam to make storable and usable power. Steam drives a turbine that activates a generator to produce the electricity people need to live and work. Fossil fuels are typically used to heat water to make the steam that drives this process.

Geothermal wells use hot water from subterranean reservoirs to produce the steam needed to generate electricity without the need for burning fossil fuels. The result is a renewable, green form of power that reduces the grams of carbon needed to produce a kilowatt hour of electricity.

Deliver electricity to the people, not to the pump

Geyser geothermal submersible pumping (GSP) systems use 25-28% less power compared to competing GSPs. Geyser GSP systems are ideal for use in both geothermal binary cycle power plants and in water heating operations to boost production. Because they can be sped up and slowed down, or even stopped, on demand without reducing efficiency, Geyser GSPs offer a significant advantage over other geothermal pumps. And unlike old standard line shaft pumps, Geyser GSPs can be set deeper in the well and deliver significantly more production.

Novomet has optimized the Geyser GSP systems to be more efficient than competing technologies. After looking at competing pumps, proper optimization and superior design has resulted in Geyser pumps consuming only 0.9 kW per cubic meter of geothermal fluid pumped, as compared to the nearest competitor, which is consuming 1.25 kW per cubic meter of geothermal fluid pumped.

The Geyser GSP system uses less than 75% of the power needed by its next closest competitor, delivering 25-28% more fluid per kilowatt and further reducing carbon emissions.


Geothermal pump installation photo

Size (RU)



Max Head

N744 PMM 500 KW

N744 PMM 1000 KW

N900 PMM 2000 KW


6.77 in

30000 bbl/d (@60Hz)

2297 ft

3937 ft

7874 ft

172 mm

4000 m3/d (@50Hz)

700 m

1200 m

2400 m


7.40 in

38000 bbl/d (@60Hz)

1969 ft

3773 ft

7218 ft

188 mm

5000 m3/d (@50Hz)

600 m

1150 m

2200 m


7.40 in

47500 bbl/d (@60Hz)

1640 ft

3117 ft

6562 ft

188 mm

6300 m3/d (@50Hz)

500 m

950 m

2000 m


9.00 in

75500 bbl/d (@60Hz)

984 ft

2297 ft

4593 ft

229 mm

10000 m3/d (@50Hz)

300 m

700 m

1400 m


9.00 in

60000 bbl/d (@60Hz)

1312 ft

2953 ft

5742 ft

229 mm

8000 m3/d (@50Hz)

400 m

900 m

1750 m


Geyser Geothermal Submersible Pump (GSP) Case Studies



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