To support our commitment to protecting our people, we have implemented an industrial and occupational safety, health, and environmental management system as part of our integrated management system (IMS). Among other things, the IMS helps us manage fire and electrical safety risks, prevent accidents and near misses, and execute emergency response plans if required. The system meets or exceeds safety requirements and guidelines in our operational locations around the world and empowers employees and contractors to protect themselves and others.

Our goal is to remove health and safety risks from the work environment at Novomet. To do that, we are focused on minimizing and preventing occupational illness, mental and physical fatigue, safety incidents, driving violations, and traffic accidents. We meet all health and safety requirements defined by our customers, constantly update IMS documentation, provide health and safety training, and perform internal annual audits.

We believe that health and safety are everyone’s responsibility and we empower employees to protect themselves and others in the workplace. When hired, every Novomet employee agrees to the following guiding health and safety principles:

  • Commit to protecting the health and safety of people through personal responsibility, leadership, and direct action
  • Actively promote a company-wide safety culture
  • Quickly identify occupational, health, and safety hazards and effectively manage risks
  • Actively participate in occupational health and safety programs and training
  • Immediately report all occupational safety and health incidents, hazards, and risks
  • Always fully comply with all legal, community, and corporate requirements