June 18, 2023


Starting from zero in a small shop in Devon, Alberta was no easy task. Over the years, the Canadian operation tripled the shop space and doubled the staff size. In 2017, Novomet-Canada started in-house VSD assembly. In 2019, a new Novomet service center was opened in Weyburn, Saskatchewan to better serve our Saskatchewan clients.

Small but very experienced team, the company’s commitment to learn, grow, execute, and lead the way to sustainable positive changes helped strengthen the team, empower a growth culture, and create long-term value for both the employees and the company.

The Novomet PowerSave technology reduces energy consumption by up to 30% which significantly reduces CO2 emissions and electrical operating expenses. Over the years, the demand in Canada for sustainable and power-save technology continued to increase. Building a strong local presence and ESP well count in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Novomet PowerSave ESP’s are experiencing above average run-life cycles and quickly becoming a very desirable option for O&G companies due to economic challenges such as higher electricity prices, lower oil prices and inflation.

We would like to express our gratitude to our customers who were pioneers and early-adopters in the implementation of the Novomet SlimLine and PowerSave ESP. We also want to thank the entire Novomet-Canada team for their high professionalism and excellent results. We are proud of you! Congratulations to the whole team and our local partners for this amazing milestone. The best is yet to come!

March 1, 2023

Novomet-Egypt celebrates its 10th anniversary

Novomet-Egypt is a young, but rapidly growing company.

Its history began in 2012 with the first installation of slimline ESP of 319 series equipped with permanent magnet motor for sidetrack operation, which was performed in the MENA region specially for Eshpetco Company. This equipment had reached almost 1200 days of run-life. The article SPE-184195-MS covered these developments was released in 2016 at the conference in Bahrain.

Nowadays, more than 100 ESP systems are in operation, which is about 12% of Egyptian market share and it's only the beginning. Novomet products are in high demand thanks to the quality of equipment and provided services as well asthanks to the unique technologies in its portfolio: Power-Save equipment with permanent magnet motors (50% of Egyptian wells stock , energy saving is about 25-30% compared to peers), slimline equipment (272, 319 series), solutions for wells with high gas-oil ratio (gas separators, multiphase pumps, advanced gas handlers), solutions for solids management (filters) and scale management (solid/liquid inhibitors), ESP systems with extended operating range (Impala ESP).

Company’s office is located in Cairo and assembly facilities, which are one of the most modern workshops to assemble ESP systems in the country and throughout the African continent, are located in Alexandria. Moreover, in Alexandria Novomet has a Test Center dedicated to testing of VSDs by of different brands to check compatibility with permanent magnet motors by Novomet origin. As well Novomet has a Training Center, where both Customers and Novomet employees are trained to operate ESP systems, courses are available in English and Arabic and for various levels of competency.

We are proud of Novomet-Egypt! We would like to express our gratitude for a major contribution to Novomet-Egypt growth and achievement to our esteemed Customers and Partners, to the whole team and especially to
Wael Sayed (Country Manager), Ossama Abu-Hozifa (Sales and FS Manager), Nikolai Kurlykin (BD & Application Engineer) and Hany Elsayed (Assembly Base Manager).

December 6, 2022

ColibriESP on the Malaysian offshore.

News about the implementation of ColibriESP technology on the offshore.
We recently talked about the installation of Novomet systems on a platform in Qatar.
Today news from Malaysia is on the agenda.
On the offshore platform of Petronas, located near the city of Miri in the Tukau field, three 272 cable-deployed rigless ESP systems were run into gas lift wells (ColibriESP technology by Novomet).

The installation was carried out using advanced technologies in the field of downhole and surface equipment. The shut-off and flange fittings are equipped with automatic remote control subsurface safety valves.
The peculiarity is that the procedure was preceded by the dismantling of the previous equipment, accompanied by well killing. This is the first time this has been done at offshore fields. The new equipment has been put into operation. The customer is completely satisfied with the quality and reliability and is ready for further implementation in their fields.

November 1, 2021

2021 ESP Symposium

Natalia Lykova, Deputy Vice President for Alternative Energy delivered a presentation to the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

The presentation included lessons learned through our experience running permanent magnet motors and ESPs in geothermal wells. It generated many questions and interest from engineers in attendance.

Permanent magnet motors were a major focus at the SPE Gulf Coast Section Electric Submersible Pumps Symposium that took place in The Woodlands, Texas in October. Lykova shared with attendees the steps Novomet has taken to modify our PMMs and develop downhole pumping systems that stand up to the harsh conditions of geothermal wells.

Natalia Lykova : "It was so exciting to see all the biggest companies in one place. We saw a huge interest to geothermal project. I believe participation in SPE will bring us a new implementation of geothermal submersible pumps in USA market. I'm proud of being part of the Novomet and it was honored for me to do a presentation in SPE conference".

Learn more about Novomet geothermal pumping systems here /products-services/renewable-energy-solutions/geothermal-pumps/

Wil Faubel Novomet USA

Wil Faubel Named President of Novomet USA

Novomet announced today that Wil Faubel has joined the company as President of Novomet USA. In this newly created role, Wil will be responsible for guiding company strategy in the US to impact growth. He has more than 40 years of leadership experience in oil and gas with positions at Hughes Christensen, Centrilift, Baker Atlas, Baker Hughes Corporate and Borets among others.

“We are pleased to welcome Wil Faubel to the Novomet family as President of our US operations. As a highly respected executive in oilfield services and artificial lift, Wil is a transformational leader with a strong track record of delivering significant growth,” said Polina Plotnikova, Vice President International, Novomet. “His leadership and industry experience, client relationships and organizational development expertise will be an invaluable resource for our US team as we continue to grow in North America.”

Wil joins Novomet from Borets, where he spent the last four years as Senior Vice President and President. Before joining Borets, he was Chief Commercial Officer and Senior Vice President of Global Business Development for MHWirth, formerly Aker Solutions Drilling Technologies. Wil holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Methodist University.

February 13, 2020

Novomet presents innovative technologies for oil production and energy at EGYPT PETROLEUM SHOW "EGYPS 2020".

International exhibition and conference takes place on February 11-13, 2020 at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in Cairo.
We invite you to visit the Novomet Group stand!

February 12, 2020

Geyser High-Flow, High-Temp ESPs Deployed in Geothermal Wells in Turkey, Cut Electrical Usage by 28%

Geothermal power plants use water naturally heated by the earth to generate electricity. Geothermal energy is clean, renewable, and helps reduce carbon emissions related to power generation. But harsh conditions in geothermal wells cause many downhole pumps to fail prematurely. Typical geothermal well environments feature:

  • Reservoir temperatures up to 200°С (392°F)
  • Conditions prone to active scale accumulation

In 2018 and 2019, Novomet engineers used decades of knowledge and experience gained through deploying electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems in harsh oil and gas wells to begin developing a cost-effective geothermal pumping system. This newly adapted geothermal ESP system featured heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant pumps and permanent magnet motors, which consume less electricity and produce less heat than downhole induction motors. Geothermal fields in Turkey provided the challenging conditions needed for Novomet to pilot its geothermal pumping systems. After initial development and lab simulations, Novomet engineers began installing and testing geothermal ESPs in wells across Turkey.

Novomet geothermal ESP systems performed well despite the harsh conditions. After seeing how successful the first systems were, Novomet began standardizing the design so it could be offered as a new line of pumps. Because of the massive volume of water required in geothermal operations, Novomet made additional design improvements, including high-volume, high-performance pumps and high-power permanent magnet motors. The result is the high-temperature, high-flow Geyser geothermal ESP.

In November 2019, three more Geyser geothermal ESPs were installed in Turkey. These systems have the ability to produce fluid at the rate of 10,000 m3/day (2.6 million gal/day) and they are powered by highly efficient 660-kW permanent magnet motors. These three systems are still running perfectly and bring the total count of Geyser ESP systems in operation in Turkey to 21. Despite geothermal fluid temperatures ranging from 155–195°C (311–383°F) Geyser systems have now been in operation for more than 380 days.

Because Novomet ESP designs are more efficient than competing systems, Geyser ESPs have also reduced the electricity required to pump a cubic meter of water in geothermal operations. The closest competing geothermal pump in Turkey uses 1.25 kWh per cubic meter of produced water, while Novomet Geyser systems consume only 0.9 kWh to lift the same volume of water. This reduces ongoing power consumption and costs by 28%, further supporting the goal of reducing carbon emissions.

Finding cost-effective, alternative energy sources remains a high priority for countries and companies alike in a joint effort to curb the increase in global average annual temperatures. Geyser ESP systems not only support sustainable geothermal energy initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but they also reduce energy consumption by lowering the power required to produce geothermal fluids. Novomet is an active supporter of the Paris Agreement and is proud to join other technology-forward companies in the hunt for alternative, green energy solutions.