Integrating Quality Management with HSE

Our integrated management system (IMS) combines quality, health, safety, and environmental standards in a single platform that helps us monitor, analyze, and predict compliance with international quality standards. It is the backbone of our quality program and has become an integral component in our ability to improve customer satisfaction.

In 2003, Novomet developed and implemented a quality management system that met ISO 9001 quality management certification requirements. In 2004, we were awarded full ISO 9001 quality management certification by Bureau Veritas.

We then developed and implemented a more integrated platform that began combining our health, safety, and environmental controls with quality management. This integrated approach brought more focus on quality and increased our ability to compete through improvements in manufacturing.

When we implemented our complete IMS, it put all quality, health, safety, and environmental standards in a single system, simplifying our processes and improving compliance. The IMS gives us near-real-time feedback and acts as a centralized system for tracking all QHSE performance indicators.

In 2007, Novomet successfully passed certification for compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 international standards. We were recertified in 2010.

Our quality guidelines are reflected in our quality policy, company mission, and company goals. Novomet personnel apply the principles set forth in these documents when setting their own personal goals each year.

As part of the QHSE IMS, we maintain required certification and authorization documents for all Novomet products. We also produce a product passport that accompanies every product Novomet ships. Beyond basic production and shipping dates, the product passport includes detailed records of everything that has happened to that piece of equipment, from quality control checks to acceptance testing and storage intervals and conditions. When a crate of Novomet equipment arrives in the field, there is no question about when the product was manufactured, where it was stored, how it was shipped, the intended delivery location, and how it performed during quality control and acceptance testing.