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Asynchronous Induction Motors

Asynchronous induction motors are the most widely used motor in electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems. While they are not capable of the same high-RPM efficiencies as permanent magnet motors (PMMs), they are industry-accepted, proven, and easy to manufacture. The standard induction motor is relatively simple to operate and is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.


Get industry-accepted performance and runlife

Standard induction motor design is widely accepted and tested in many well types
Choose the right size and power combination for your well

A wide range of sizes enables you to optimize pump-motor combinations for well conditions


  • Conventional and unconventional wells
  • Cost-sensitive ESP installations


  • Available in a range of sizes from 378 series (96 mm) to 744 series (189 mm)
  • Power ratings ranging from 12 to 650 HP (can be doubled or trippled)
  • Highly configurable


  • Wide size and power ranges enable you to choose the right motor for your given conditions
  • A compound stator provides a complete seal for the windings, increasing insulation and helping reduce overheating
Worker assembling an asynchronous induction motor


Cutaway photo of an ESP induction motor
Motor OD

Power rating




96 mm

3.78 in.

16-32 KW (@50Hz)

26-31  hp (@60Hz)

45-56 KW (@50Hz)

73-90 hp (@60Hz)

70-100 KW (@50Hz)

110-160  hp (@60Hz)

103 mm

4.06 in.

16-90 KW (@50Hz)

26-145 hp (@60Hz)

63-160 KW (@50Hz)

110-260 hp (@60Hz)

140-250 KW (@50Hz)

230-400 hp (@60Hz)

117 mm

4.60 in.

12-125 KW (@50Hz)

19-200 hp (@60Hz)

90-250 KW (@50Hz)

145-400 hp (@60Hz)

270-400 KW (@50Hz)

430-640 hp (@60Hz)

130 mm

5.12 in.

22-140 KW (@50Hz)

36-225 hp (@60Hz)

160-300 KW (@50Hz)

260-480 hp (@60Hz)

350-560 KW (@50Hz)

560-900 hp (@60Hz)

143 mm

5.62 in.

63-220 KW (@50Hz)

101-350 hp (@60Hz)

260-440 KW (@50Hz)

420-710 hp (@60Hz)

555 KW (@50Hz)

890 hp (@60Hz)

189 mm

7.44 in.

100-400 KW (@50Hz)

160-640 hp (@60Hz)

345-650 KW (@50Hz)

800-1050 hp (@60Hz)

 Not currently available

Novomet manufactures a wide range of induction motor sizes including 378 series (96 mm), 406 series (103 mm), 460 series (117 mm), 512 series (130 mm), 562 series (143 mm), and 744 series (189 mm). This range enables you to optimize motor-pump combinations and improve ESP efficiency across well types and conditions.

 Asynchronous induction motors are available with various modifications. Examples include the addition of a tubular cooler for reservoir temperatures up to 200°C (390°F) and adding a two-sided shaft output used in inverted installations and in attaching solids separators.

Our electric induction motors come filled with oil and consist of a fixed stator, a rotating rotor, a current lead head, and a base. A current lead block and thrust bearing assembly in the upper part of the motor body absorb axial loads from the weight of the rotor. The base is located at the bottom of the motor and includes an oil-cleaning filter. The head and base are hermetically threaded to the stator housing to maintain a strong seal and extend runlife.

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