The multiphase pump disperses undissolved gas into reservoir fluid, stabilizing electrical submersible pump operation and enabling production in wells with up to 75% free gas at the pump intake. 


Improve ESP efficiency and performance

Homogenization of gas and fluid stabilizes ESP operation by reducing vibration and pulsing
Eliminate gas locking in wells with up to 75% gas

The multiphase pump forces gas into solution so it flows as a mixture through the ESP
Mitigate effects of gas in horizontal wellbores

Pump design enables operation in wells where gas separators are not practical, as in horizontal wellbores


  • Conventional and unconventional wells
  • Reservoirs with up to 75% free gas
  • Horizontal/inclined well sections and other conditions where gas separators are ineffective


  • Available in 272 (69 mm), 319 (81 mm), 362 (92 mm), 406 (103 mm), and 535 (136 mm) series
  • Flowrates up to 12,000 bbl/d @60Hz (1600 m3/d @50Hz)


  • Multiphase pump stages homogenize gas and fluid into a single mix
  • The pump increases pressure at the ESP intake, stabilizing the system and forcing gas through to eliminate locking
  • Gas expands out of solution after exiting the ESP, delivering a gas-lift effect that increases head and efficiency
  • Abrasion-resistant materials extend ESP runlife in the presence of solids
Exterior photo of multiphase pump


Interior components of multiphase ESP pump stages

Outer Diameter



Nominal flow rate

Max inlet GOR

2.72 in.

7,8 ft

132 lb

940 bbl/d (@60Hz)


69 mm

2,4 m

60 kg

125 m3/d (@50Hz)

3.19 in.

7,8 ft

132 lb

750 bbl/d (@60Hz)

81 mm

2,4 m

60 kg

100 m3/d (@50Hz)

3.62 in.

9,4 ft

198 lb

1900 bbl/d (@60Hz)

92 mm

2,9 m

90 kg

250 m3/d (@50Hz)

4.06 in.

7,8 ft

243 lb

940 bbl/d (@60Hz)

103 mm

2,4 m

110 kg

125 m3/d (@50Hz)

4.06 in.

11.0 ft

287 lb

2400 bbl/d (@60Hz)

103 mm

3,4 m

130 kg

320 m3/d (@50Hz)

4.06 in.

14.3 ft

375 lb

3800 bbl/d (@60Hz)

103 mm

4,4 m

170 kg

500 m3/d (@50Hz)

5.35 in.

7,4 ft

232 lb

12000 bbl/d (@60Hz)

136 mm

2,3 m

105 kg

1600 m3/d (@50Hz)

More about our multiphase pump technology

Our multiphase pump increases pressure at the main pump intake, stabilizing the ESP by reducing vibration and pulsing. Multistage pump stages work together to disperse gas in fluid and force the mixture through the main pump, eliminating gas locks that can cause system overheating, cycling, and eventual failure.

Unlike standard ESP pump sections, our multiphase pump stages have no left or right zones in which high concentrations of undissolved gas can collect and stop flow. So fluid and gas keep moving though the system. When gas volumes at the pump intake exceed 65%, the head created by the multiphase pump begins to decrease.

The multiphase pump is ideal for vertical and horizontal wells with free gas volumes up to 75%. We also offer a gas handler designed to perform in up 50% gas and an gas separator that enables production in up to 85% free gas wells.

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