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SelPro ESP selection software enables you to design electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems that will deliver optimal performance based on fluid characteristics, gas and water percentages, reservoir temperatures, setting depths/angles, etc.


Match the ESP to well and reservoir parameters

Select and simulate ESP systems using well data to ensure they will meet your production schedule
Simplify ESP selection and design

Our database of pumps, motors, components, casing, and cable put everything you need in one place


  • Conventional and unconventional ESP wells
  • Onshore and offshore ESPs


  • Production indicator curve incorporating free-gas volumes
  • Graphical display of pumped gas-fluid mixtures through the entire flow path
  • 3D well modeling


  • Intuitive interface
  • Mature database including all Novomet pumps, motors, components, tubing, casing, and cable
  • Open database enables customization

Screen showing Sel Pro ESP selection software

Software highlights

  • The indicator curve accounts for changes in permeability due to the release of free gas
  • The coefficient of production and bottomhole pressure are primarily based on ESP size, expected production curve, and intake pressure
  • Simulations and designs to keep ESPs from cycling and for wells that operate only periodically
  • Recalculation of the production curve by updating intake pressure (downhole sensor data)
  • Orientation based on maximum ESP efficiency
  • ESP optimization analysis
  • Production calculations
  • Optimized ESP pump design
  • Combined casing and tubing calculations
  • Run-in simulations based on wellbore deviations
  • High-viscosity oil simulations
  • Ability to change flow and suspension values to optimize ESP design
  • Graphical display of pumped gas-fluid mixtures through the entire flow path
  • Calculation of the number of steps outside the operating range
  • Forecasting ESP operational parameter changes needed to accommodate changing downhole conditions
  • 3D well models
  • Convenient, easy-to-use interface


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