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Connecting two or more modular ESP protectors in a series enhances motor protection. Tandem ESP protectors are used in harsh environments, in production programs that require high pump rates, and in wells where production is periodic with lots of stops and starts.


Extend ESP runlife in harsh conditions

Using tandem protectors reduces the impact of harsh conditions to extend ESP service life
Protect bigger pumps and stronger motors

Greater protection enables you to use more powerful pumps and motors in your ESP design
Protect against stops and starts in periodic operations

Tandem bearings reinforce the shaft and increase the axial load limit


  • Conventional and unconventional wells using an ESP
  • Vertical, directional, and horizontal wellbores
  • Harsh downhole conditions and high pump rates
  • Wells that produce only periodically


  • Available in 272 (69 mm), 319 (81 mm), 338 (86 mm), 362 (92 mm), 406 (103 mm), 449 (114), 535 (136 mm), and 677 (172 mm) series
  • Designed to perform with high-power motors and high-rate pumps


  • Tandem configuration enables you to protect high-power motors and high-rate pumps and easily replace or upgrade equipment if needed
  • Doubling the protection extends ESP runlife in harsh conditions
  • Two axial bearings work in tandem to increase axial load limits
Photo showing Modular ESP protector ends that are connected to create a tandem ESP protector


Cutaway illustration of tandem ESP connectors

Outer Diameter

Shaft Diameter

Thrust bearing load limit

Maximum Motor Power

Oil volume

Max Oil volume of motor



2.72 in.

0.50 in.

4500 lb (@60Hz)


6 liters

18 liters



69 mm

14 mm

1700 kg (@50Hz)

3.19 in.

0.79 in.

4500 lb (@60Hz)

289 hp (@60Hz)

8 liters

18 liters

7.56 ft

221 lb

81 mm

 20 mm

1700 kg (@50Hz)

180 kw (@50Hz)

2.31 m

100 kg

3.62 in.

0.98 in.

5292 lb (@60Hz)

320 hp (@60Hz)

15 liters

23 liters

14.98 ft

331 lb

92 mm

25 mm

2000 kg (@50Hz)

200 kw (@50Hz)

4.57 m

150 kg

4.06 in.

0.98 in.

7144 lb (@60Hz)

579 hp (@60Hz)

18 liters

31 liters

14.98 ft

397 lb

103 mm

25 mm

2700 kg (@50Hz)

360 kw (@50Hz)

4.57 m

180 kg

4.49 in.

1.38 in.

8203 lb (@60Hz)

720 hp (@60Hz)

20 liters

40 liters

8.04 ft

595 lb

114 mm

35 mm

3100 kg (@50Hz)

450 kw (@50Hz)

2.45 m

270 kg

5.35 in.

1.50 in.

11907 lb (@60Hz)

1126 hp (@60Hz)

40 liters

80 liters

18.19 ft

772 lb

136 mm

38 mm

4500 kg (@50Hz)

700 kw (@50Hz)

5.55 m

350 kg

More about our tandem ESP protectors

Tandem ESP protector configuration uses two or more modular protectors in series to add increasing levels of ESP motor protection.

Schemes for connecting the protectors include:

  • Labyrinth, sequential diaphragm, parallel diaphragm, sequential diaphragm, parallel diaphragm, sequential labyrinth
  • Labyrinth, sequential diaphragm, parallel diaphragm, sequential diaphragm, parallel diaphragm
  • Aperture, parallel aperture, sequential aperture, parallel aperture

Using two diaphragms instead of one enables you to add an additional sliding bearing, increasing shaft rigidity. Two axial bearings work in tandem, increasing axial load limits the shaft can bare. If one of the supports fails, the load is absorbed by the second support.

Need more info?

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