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The ESP solotted gravity screen combines the sand blocking capabilities of a slotted screen with the solids separation process used in hydrocyclone sand separators. The result is a sand control solution that prevents particles 100 microns and larger in size from entering and damaging the electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system.


Prevent sand from entering and damaging the ESP

Screen and separation technology keep out sand and proppant to extend ESP runlife
Combine screen and separator technologies for superior protection

Sand screens and hydrocyclonic separation technology combine to deliver superior sand control
Control particles as small as 100 microns in size

Advanced design prevents particles 100 microns and larger from damaging the pump


  • Hydraulically fractured wells
  • ESP protection from sand and proppant 100 μm and larger


  • Helps protect downhole pumps during production startup and throughout the ESP’s runlife
  • Available in 449 (114 mm) series


  • Slotted screen blocks sand and proppant
  • Hydrocyclone sand separator provides superior long-term protection compared to safety valves
Photo of ESP slotted gravity screen components

The gravity filter stabilizes ESP operation in wells with high levels of sand and proppant. It is mounted between the pump and protector and serves as an intake for the ESP.


Disassembled slotted gravity screen

Size (RU)

Outer Diameter

Operating capacity

Filtration rating

Solids content


4,49 in

502-4396 bbl/d

70-100 mcm

up to 1050 ptb

30 ft

114 mm

80-700 m3/d

up to 3000 mg/l

9 m

Our slotted gravity screen combines a slotted screen filter on the outside with a hydrocyclone sand separator on the inside. The screen filters particles while the separator uses centrifugal force to push particles outward. Depending on the configuration used, gravity then pulls the particles down into a sediment chamber or through a liner into a sump well.

Sand control is provided primarily with the slotted screen. Competing slotted screen designs use a safety valve that opens when the filter becomes plugged with sediment or scale. This enables the ESP to continue operating, but allows sand to pass freely through the system where it damages internal components and will eventually cause failure. Instead of a safety valve, our slotted gravity screen uses the sand separator. Separating the sand instead of just letting it pass through the system prevents particles from damaging the ESP and extends runlife.

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