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Machining for powder metal pump stages

After powder metallurgy parts have been pressed, listed, and cooled, they are ready for final preparations. What once was a pile of metallic powder is now a smooth, solid, precision-pressed component. Each part runs through our automated machining line for final processing.

We have 18 automated lines that feature robotic loading, multistage conveyance, and IVS-200 machines sourced from Mazak, Japan. A super-hard cutting tool performs final machining without the need for coolant and maintains accuracy to within 0.00079 in. (0.02 mm).

Our automated machine lines can process powder metal pump stages with diameters up to 5.118 in. (130 mm) and lengths up to 3.937 in. (100 mm).


Machining for end pieces

End pieces (including motor heads, protector heads, nipples, bases, etc.) are machined using high-performance multi-function 5-axis CNC machining stations that feature the following equipment:

  • Integrex 200 (Mazak, Japan)
  • Integrex 300-III (Mazak, Japan)
  • Integrex 300-IV ST (Mazak, Japan)
  • STS-40, Super NTX (Nakamura Tome, Japan)
  • Millturn M30-G, Millturn M35-G, Millturn M40-G (WFL, Austria)
  • VCN 535C-II (Mazak, Japan)

Each machining station is equipped with two spindles and a full magazine of tools. They enable high-quality and efficient turning, drilling, milling, and chiseling.

We use a Mazak Palletech robotic pallet system in conjunction with four Integrex 300-IV ST machining stations to automatically load, stack, and store components on up to 24 pallets in a run. This automated machining and pallet storage system maintains accuracy to within 0.00079 in. (0.02 mm) on end pieces with diameters up to 16.535 in. (420 mm) and lengths up to 59.055 in. (1500 mm).

The Mazak VCN 535C-II vertical milling and machining station also maintains an accuracy of 0.00079 in. (0.02 mm) on components as large as 39 x 15 x 27 in. (1000 x 400 x 700 mm).


Machining cast pump stages

We use Mazak CNC QTN-250 Nexus lathes to machine our sand cast pump stages. The machines feature a turret with the capability of running coolant through the tool to keep it from overheating. This machining station maintains an accuracy of 0.00079 in. (0.02 mm) on components with diameters up to 13.779 in. (350 mm) and lengths up to 18.701 in. (475 mm).


Rotor and stator production

We manufacture and stamp electric asynchronous induction motors using two AIDA HMX-1250M automatic press lines. Both stator sheets and rotor packages are stamped directly on the automated press. This high-performance system can produce up to 500 sheets per minute.

The induction motor production process includes assembling and stamping rotors and stators, soldering on Mosinductor induction plants, and final machining with Mazak QTN-250 machine stations.

We produce rotors and stators for 3.78-in., 4.06-in., 4.60-in., and 5.19-in. (96-mm, 103-mm, 117-mm, and 130-mm) induction motors, and stators for 3.19-in., 4.06-in., 4.60-in., and 5.19-in. (81-mm, 103-mm, 117-mm, and 130-mm) permanent magnet motors. Production capabilities are currently up to 12 million stator sheets and 7 thousand rotor packages per month.

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