November 27, 2019

We have launched a new site!

We are pleased to announce the launch of a unified international corporate site for Novomet!

The new corporate website supports our global growth strategy and positions Novomet as an international brand. It is available at: https://www.novometgroup.com

Novomet is growing rapidly, not only as a supplier of downhole equipment and services for oil production, but also as a technological leader for implementing advanced production technologies, developing supporting software, and offering solutions for renewable energy.

Each year we strengthen our position in the international energy market and expand our reach. Novomet equipment is currently working in 25 countries around the world. More than 30% of our revenue comes from the installation of new innovative products and services.

The new corporate website features core competencies which include well completions, artificial lift, fluid transfer, reservoir pressure enhancement, and renewable energy solutions.

Currently the site presents content in both English and Russian, with plans to add Spanish in the future.

Welcome to the new Novomet website!

August 8, 2019

Heads of International Operations Gathered to Discuss Latest Novomet Innovations and Half-Year Results

Novomet now operates in 23 countries around the world. Almost half the equipment manufactured in Perm is shipped outside Russia to international destinations. As part of a trend, international revenue has increased over the past several years and is nearing 40% of total company revenue.

During the last week of July, Novomet held the second annual Congress for International Operations. Congress participation included leading international and local division specialists along with representatives from commercial and technical departments.

Local participation was led by CEO Maxim Perelman, VP of Production Evgeny Poshvin, and VP of International Operations Polina Plotnikova.

Top international managers presented their year-to-date results, discussed plans for the remainder of 2019, and learned about new innovations coming to market. Discussions included personnel policy, marketing plans, budgets, logistics, and inventory balance. A significant part of the congress was devoted to sharing field trial results and plans for introducing new innovative solutions.

The Congress for International Operations was conducted over the course of 5 days. It has become an integral component in short-term and long-term planning and helps establish and reinforce targets and business goals.

August 8, 2019

Congressional Football Match

After official business concluded at the congress, it was time for the traditional football match. The Perm operation was represented by local players designated as team Colibri, and international operations were represented by congress participants as part of the Impala team. Colibri and Impala met on the pitch on the afternoon of July 31 at the V.P. Sukharev sports complex in a friendly match.

Colibri opened the match with a quick score, but Impala stormed back with two goals of their own. At halftime the teams were tied at 2:2.

While the first half was fairly equal, the local Colibri team imposed their will in the second. Home field advantage won out, though the international Impala team fought to the end. When the last whistle echoed off the walls of the sports complex, the final score was 7:2 in favor of the local Colibri team.

Both the teams and the fans brought a strong sense of fun, community, and sportsmanship to the match. It was a fun event for all and helped continue to build relationships between international and local personnel.

Awards were handed to the players by Maxim Perelman and Evgeny Poshvin.

January 23, 2019

New foundry fully operational

New Novomet foundry capable of manufacturing 20,000 ESP stages per month

Novomet increased its ability to cast, form, and ship electrical submersible pump (ESP) stages to 20,000 per month.

Beginning in October 2017, Novomet began transitioning away from third-party suppliers to its own internal foundry. The goals of the foundry are to reduce order times for customers and increase casting efficiency.

Novomet completed its first casting operation at the facility in October 2017, and quickly added a cast stage for 272-series pumps in January 2018. As of December 2018, the foundry has added 19 more cast stages, bringing monthly capacity to 20,000 ESP stages per month. The foundry also has experimental stages that use 3D printing to develop and test prototypes prior to full commercial cast stage development.

The newly constructed cast stages include technological updates, process improvements, and more efficient materials. One such change replaces quartz sands with fused silica to enhance the strength and durability of ceramic forms. The foundry also features a robot that automates the cleaning process used to remove residue from forms after casting is complete. A second cleaning robot will be added in the coming months, as will a collaborative robot programmed to work alongside personnel on the molding floor and protect them from potential injury.

Automation along with an expansion of manufacturing facilities will increase the foundry capacity to 25,000 ESP stages per month. Novomet remains committed to reducing delivery time for customers and improving manufacturing agility, while enforcing 100% quality control oversight to maintain high product quality.