For Novomet-Canada, 2023 marks their 10-year anniversary!
Starting from zero in a small shop in Devon, Alberta was no easy task. Over the years, the Canadian operation tripled the shop space and doubled the staff size. In 2017, Novomet-Canada started in-house VSD assembly. In 2019, a new Novomet service center was opened in Weyburn, Saskatchewan to better serve our Saskatchewan clients.

Small but very experienced team, the company’s commitment to learn, grow, execute, and lead the way to sustainable positive changes helped strengthen the team, empower a growth culture, and create long-term value for both the employees and the company.

The Novomet PowerSave technology reduces energy consumption by up to 30% which significantly reduces CO2 emissions and electrical operating expenses. Over the years, the demand in Canada for sustainable and power-save technology continued to increase. Building a strong local presence and ESP well count in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Novomet PowerSave ESP’s are experiencing above average run-life cycles and quickly becoming a very desirable option for O&G companies due to economic challenges such as higher electricity prices, lower oil prices and inflation.

We would like to express our gratitude to our customers who were pioneers and early-adopters in the implementation of the Novomet SlimLine and PowerSave ESP. We also want to thank the entire Novomet-Canada team for their high professionalism and excellent results. We are proud of you! Congratulations to the whole team and our local partners for this amazing milestone. The best is yet to come!
ColibriESP on the Malaysian offshore.

News about the implementation of ColibriESP technology on the offshore.
We recently talked about the installation of Novomet systems on a platform in Qatar.
Today news from Malaysia is on the agenda.
On the offshore platform of Petronas, located near the city of Miri in the Tukau field, three 272 cable-deployed rigless ESP systems were run into gas lift wells (ColibriESP technology by Novomet).

The installation was carried out using advanced technologies in the field of downhole and surface equipment. The shut-off and flange fittings are equipped with automatic remote control subsurface safety valves.
The peculiarity is that the procedure was preceded by the dismantling of the previous equipment, accompanied by well killing. This is the first time this has been done at offshore fields. The new equipment has been put into operation. The customer is completely satisfied with the quality and reliability and is ready for further implementation in their fields.
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Novomet artificial lift services

Lifting the fluids that power the world

The path forward for responsible oil and gas production is to always look for new ways to reduce the cost required to find, tap, and produce a barrel of oil or a cubic meter of gas. Most oilfield services companies are heavily focused on exploration and drilling.

By contrast, Novomet is hyper-focused on completions and artificial lift. More specifically, Novomet is a leader among oilfield service companies with superior technologies that produce higher volumes of hydrocarbons while helping lower the overall cost of production.

The goal is to continuously make more oil and gas with less effort, cost, and environmental impact. The next great breakthroughs in the oil and gas industry will not come from new exploration, drilling, pipeline, or refining technology. Rather, they will come from advances in our ability to economically produce more hydrocarbons from the wells we are already drilling. They will come from artificial lift technologies.

Our purpose is simple and straight-forward:
We lift the fluids that power the world.

Our mission is to harvest what other oilfield service companies leave behind, reduce the power and cost required to produce hydrocarbons, and develop viable green energy solutions.

kWh of electricity saved with PowerSave and SlimLine ESPs
Tons of CO2 prevented from entering the atmosphere*
Countries where Novomet is reducing carbon emissions

* Based on 1.2 lb of CO2 emissions per kilowatt-hour accourding to U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the Electricity Sector projections, published January 7, 2019.


Oilfield services and the energy industry

People, businesses, and economies have more opportunities to grow when they have access to safe, affordable sources of energy. Electricity keeps us warm, helps us stay healthy, and drives speed and agility in commerce. The goal of the energy industry is to provide power for as low a cost and with as little environmental impact as possible.

Renewable energy sources remain a priority. As costs come down for geothermal, solar, wind, hydro-electric, and other alternative forms of energy, there will be less dependence and need for oil and gas. Until that happens, the most economical and environmentally responsible path forward is to continue to find and produce enough hydrocarbons to meet the world’s energy demands.

Novomet remains dedicated to helping energy companies harvest the hydrocarbons they need to power the world—for as low an environmental and economic impact as possible. When you think artificial lift (oil and gas, geothermal, mine dewatering, etc.) think Novomet.

Renewable energy sources