The Novomet Open-Innovation Internet Platform

Novomet has been actively developing and launching innovative products since its inception.

A startup itself, over the last 27 years Novomet has grown from an idea to an international company with more than $350 million in revenue and operations in 25 countries around the world.

In 2018, Novomet began an open innovation platform, where we seek opportunities to colaborate with inventors, startups, and other companies.

We hope to use this platform to provide financing, technical support, and promotion for great business ideas and products in relevant markets around the world.


We are looking for projects in any of the following stages:

  •       Idea
             Business idea for promising technologies,
             devices, systems, or software packages

  •       Completed R&D
             Passed trials and is complete with a model, drawings, or schemes

  •       Prototype
             Prototype of the machinery, equipment, or manufacturing technology is available,
             or a software package is ready for commercial release

  •       Pilot manufacturing
             Industrially manufactured product
             with a business model and monetization strategy

  •       Operating business
             The company is currently operational
             and actively selling equipment, devices, systems, or software packages/licenses

Novomet is one of the largest manufacturers of oil prodution systems and surface pumping systems in Russia.

Novomet today is:
  • Innovative and experienced with well-established project management
  • An oilfield services provider with a network of service centers in Russia and around the world
  • Operating out of five service bases in Russia and two branches in CIS countries (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan) with representative offices in countries such as Egypt, Indonesia, Argentina, UAE, Ecuador, Colombia, and the USA

What are we looking for?

We are interested in innovations in the following areas of the oil and gas industry:

Artificial lift

Improving oil production efficiency

Well completions

Process automation

Treatment and pumping of oil, gas, and water

Software packages and development

New materials

Offshore oilfield operations

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies

Electric drilling and related technologies

New applications for coiled tubing technologies

Bring your ideas to life!


Presentation submission
Fill out the application form on the website and attach a presentation
If we are interested in your project, you will receive forms to fill out a project summary with a business and financial model.
Expert assessment
Submissions are reviewed by our open innovation platform Expert Comission
Project team negotiation
Discussion of issues, details, and agreement terms
Contract signing
Documentation of agreements reached during negotiations

What do we offer?

Technical support


Promotion in Russia
and around the world


Maxim Perelman
Marsel Yusupov
COO Russia & CIS
Evgenii Poshvin
VP Production
Danila Martushev
Head of R&D
Rustam Kamaletdinov
Deputy Head of R&D
Denis Zubenin
Сhief Designer
Natalia Lykova
Head of Engineering and Technology Center

Results from the 2019 Novomet Generator of the Future program

Here are the results from July 17, 2019:

  •       170+ applications
             registered from 40 regions of Russia

  •       78 participants
             passed pre-moderation and presented their business models

  •       28 teams
             were invited to the final round

  •       12 companies
             moved froward with agreements to accelerate their business idea