The main factory lab is a subdivision of the R&D Department and includes an analytical laboratory and a material science laboratory.

Primary analytical lab functions include:

  • Determining physical and mechanical properties of rubber products and vulcanized rubber compounds
  • Performing quality control for electrical insulating oils, varnishes, enamels, compounds, cutting fluids, and coatings
  • Analyzing galvanic solutions for phosphating, galvanizing, and oxidation
  • Determining surface roughness parameters of various materials like plastics, metals, and ceramics
  • Determining wear resistance of winding wire insulation
  • Profiling the chemical composition of cast irons, steels, non-ferrous metals, and metal powders by gravimetric, coulometric, potentiometric, photometric, and spectral methods 
  • Performing chemical analysis of formation fluids
  • Analyzing systems and components after bench tests and operation

Primary material science lab functions include:

  • Determining hardness of materials according to the method of Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, and microhardness
  • Conducting mechanical impact tests
  • Evaluating the microstructure of steels and alloys
  • Determining surface defects in rolled steel and cast billets
  • Characterizing metal surface properties after the metal has been hardened by chemical-thermal treatment
  • Defining macrostructure control
  • Characterizing sprayed coatings
  • Researching and developing new types of materials and products
  • Selecting material types based on structural, antifriction, and corrosion-resistant properties
  • Analyzing systems and components after bench tests and operation

The main factory lab is critical in the R&D Department’s efforts to quickly test, analyze, and resolve challenges. It may be small at just 28 personnel, but these few well-trained, highly qualified scientists have a massive impact on our ability to deliver innovative technologies at a fraction of the time compared to our largest competitors.