The Engineering and Technology Center is part of the Research and Development (R&D) department and includes the following:

  • Gas-hydrodynamic research laboratory
  • Tribology and reliability laboratory
  • Mathematical modeling laboratory

The center is primarily focused on the following activities:

  • Developing new equipment from idea to prototype
  • Creating mathematical models and performing calculations
  • Conducting equipment bench studies
  • Testing new and established systems and components for reliability and performance under extreme conditions
  • Developing, supporting, and recording calculation methods
  • Developing and debugging operation and installation control algorithms

We use multiple test benches to conduct ongoing research and perform runlife testing for full systems and individual components. Typical testing includes the following:

  • ESP operation in gassy fluids
  • Hydrodynamic effects on submersible pump stages
  • Effects of abrasives
  • Effects of viscosity on pump capability and performance

The Engineering and Technology Center is integral to developing and successfully implementing innovative technologies, such as our multiphase axial pump, cut-resistant gas separator, SelPro ESP selection software, StatPro reliability assessment software, and others.