The Novomet Vision

We aspire to lead oilfield service companies in lifting the fluids that power the world. 

The Novomet Mission

Harvest Hydrocarbons Others Leave Behind

We help customers harvest the hydrocarbons that other oilfield services companies leave behind. We do this by developing and manufacturing innovative products and technologies, and by focusing on excellence in service delivery. We love a challenge and we live to find solutions for producing more hydrocarbons from the wells producers have already drilled. Through technologies like our Rotary Displacement Cylindrical PumpDual ESP System, and SlimLine ESP System, we are helping customers increase ultimate recovery and extend the economic life of difficult wells.

Reduce Electricity Consumption and Carbon Emissions Required to Produce a Barrel of Oil 

We reduce the electricity required to produce hydrocarbons by supplying highly efficient oil production technologies. Through technologies like our high-efficiency PowerSave ESP System and SlimLine ESP System, we are helping our customers reduce their monthly ESP power bill and related carbon emissions. 

Discover and Develop Green Energy Alternatives

We strive to discover and develop green energy solutions and technologies because we believe in finding even more responsible methods for producing the energy the world demands. Through technologies like our high-temperature, high-flowrate Geyser Geothermal Pumping System, we are reducing the electricity required to pump geothermal fluids, helping our customers deliver electricity to the people instead of wasting it all on the pump.