June 7, 2021

Novomet conducts rigless ESP training

Novomet announced today that it completed a week-long training session for installing, operating, and decommissioning its Colibri cable-deployed ESP system. The training took place in Perm, Russia from May 24 – 28 and consisted of classroom instruction and hands-on practical training at the company’s R&D test well in Perm, Russia.

The Colibri cable-deployed electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system from Novomet was first installed and operated in Malaysia in 2017, making it the first entirely rigless ESP to be installed in the world. This next-generation ESP system is deployed entirely on reinforced electrical line and can be run, operated, and pulled out of hole under live well conditions using a crane or mast.

The first day of training on May 24 consisted of engineers delivering a comprehensive presentation of the Colibri rigless ESP system. Course content included detailed descriptions of component designs, in-depth installation instructions for deploying the system under live-well conditions, start-up and ramp-up procedures, an overview of available variable speed drive (VSD) settings, and shut-down/pull-out procedures.

Later in the week, training shifted to the R&D test well for the practical portion of the session. Instructors led participants through component inspections required before running the system in hole, then demonstrated proper well preparation, installation, and start-up procedures. Technology utilization department engineers oversaw the training, providing in-depth guidance and answers as questions were raised.

At the end of the week, trainees were given a final examination to test their knowledge of the cable-deployed ESP and to ensure they were fully prepared to safely install, run, commission, pull, and dismantle the system. The Colibri ESP technology and training is representative of the commitment of Novomet to help oil producers reduce lifting costs, improve efficiencies, and reduce negative effects of oil production on the environment.

 More about Colibri cable-deployed rigless ESP technology

The Colibri rigless ESP is deployed, operated, and removed using a load-carrying electrical cable, entirely eliminating the need for a drilling or workover rig. This next-generation ESP eliminates rig-mobilization time, dramatically reduces the time to install and pull an ESP, decreases required crew size, and reduces risk by enabling installation and removal without having to kill the well. 

A small crew uses a mobile installation unit (land wells) or a crane (offshore wells) to install and commission the Colibri rigless ESP. Colibri ESPs feature a smaller design and weight profile for easy deployment and can be run to a depth of 9,800 ft (3000 m).

Installation and production require only minor modifications to the Christmas tree, enhancing reliability and delivering fault-free operation.

As of the date of publication, the longest-running Colibri ESP system has exceeded 1000 days of operation in a land well in Romania.