February 5, 2021

Dear colleagues and friends,
Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of Novomet!

Whatever challenges we have faced throughout our history, we have persevered and worked to find optimal solutions. In times of crisis, we launched new products, developed new niches, expanded to new countries, and found new opportunities for development. The greatest strength of Novomet is our ability to change! Our willingness to learn and constantly improve has made us the world-class company we are today. Understanding what made us who we are and believing in our potential, we look confidently into the future.
The world is changing rapidly, giving us yet another opportunity to make a place for ourselves at the forefront of progress. Novomet people have always distinguished themselves through incredible dedication, staying focused on results, being fearlessly creative, and committing to collaboration. Thank you for the part you have all played in making Novomet what it is. Thank you for your loyalty. Your honest and hard work, your perseverance, and your patience are to be commended! As we step into tomorrow, may the work we do bring us all happiness, fulfillment, and pride!
Happy birthday, Novomet!
And happy anniversary, friends!