April 07, 2020

The Novomet-Track Remote Monitoring and Control System

Enabling safe and secure ESP production control from a safe distance

Novomet-Track combines hardware and software in a single system to deliver remote monitoring and control for electrical submersible pumping (ESP) equipment. This easy-to-use system provides access to the surface equipment used to control an ESP using a secure internet connection. The system can be installed and activated in just one day.

The Novomet-Track system is ready to go out of the box, eliminating the cost and complication of system integration. The system consists of three components:

  • Communication module (GPRS modem) with Novomet-Track software—mounted on the surface control equipment

  • Novomet cloud data storage (if preferred, the server can be installed at a customer’s facilities)

  • Any device with internet access

Once activated, the Novomet-Track system enables access to ESP parameters and controls from anywhere in the world using secure SSL protocol with an individual login and password. Depending on customer needs, permissions can be configured at different levels. For example, operators can be given access to view ESP parameters while technologists can change parameters, configure settings, and so on.

The Novomet-Track system is currently being used to identify, address, and prevent problems before they can become emergencies. Having the ability to react quickly can prevent shutdowns and eliminate the cost, time, and unnecessary risk required to deploy service technicians. The system tracks and stores all activity in a cloud-based server, enabling customers to access and analyze a well’s history and build custom graphs and reports for closer examination.